The mps society is a charity close to my heart, my wife and 2 of my children suffer from fabry disease and they have helped them to cope with this condition since they were diagnosed.

Founded in 1982, we are the only registered charity in the UK which focusses on MPS (Mucopolysaccharide), Fabry and related disorders. These disorders cause a range of progressive disabilities.

The MPS Society provides support to families affected by rare genetic conditions.

We want all affected children and adults to know where to turn for specialist knowledge, support and advice and reach over 1,500 people per year. We focus on funding and collaborating on innovative, world-class research that can make a positive impact on those affected by these conditions. We raise awareness of these conditions as we want all families to receive the fastest possible diagnosis so they can start receiving treatment and support as soon as possible. We want to grow and invest in the future of the MPS Society to ensure our charity remains in the best position to support our members who are at the heart of everything we do.